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.22LR Form 1 Kit
.22LR Form 1 Kit
.22LR Form 1 Kit
.22LR Form 1 Kit
.22LR Form 1 Kit
.22LR Form 1 Kit
.22LR Form 1 Kit
.22LR Form 1 Kit
.22LR Form 1 Kit
.22LR Form 1 Kit
.22LR Form 1 Kit

9 Inch Aluminum 1.75 OD K Cup Solvent Trap

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Note: There is currently no compatible Jig for this form 1 kit.


1. Walls thicker for increased rigidity and durability.
2. 7075 aluminum made for a strong but lightweight tube.
3. Anodized in Black color


1. Tube - 7075 Aluminum. Round body. Anodized
2. Tube Measurements - 1.75" OD, 1.375" ID, 8.25" length (without end caps), 9" length (with end caps).
3. Endcaps - 1 x solid design end cap with divots at the true center on both sides. 2 x end cap with a threaded hole in size 1/2-28 both 5/8x24.
The tube will fit Most D cell Maglite end caps


1. 8 Pcs 7075 Aluminum Storage Cups
2. Dimensional design divots on both ends of the cups are placed at the true center for aesthetic appeal
3. 1.375 OD. 925'' height
4. A lip at the bottom of each stackable storage cup ensures a tight seal allowing for sealed compartments to keep your valuables dry and protected.

Package Included:

1 x Round Tube
1 x End Caps
8 x D Cell Storage Cups
2 x End Caps(1/2-28 + 5/8-24) 2 x Seal Rings




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