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Stop Buying Fuel Filter Suppressors! Spotting Danger Before It Spots You

Suppressors are over-priced, And you must wait 12 to 18 months before the ATF is approved. With an ATF eForm 1 taking only three to five weeks for approval these days, interest in building your own diy suppressor kit has increased dramatically.

Gun owners have learned ways to make DIY Suppressors with anything that might work. Such as cans, Fuel Filter, flashlights, solvent traps, Coke bottles, or even toilet paper. but Some people who own fuel filter suppressors have received atf warning letters.
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what is a fuel filter suppressor?

The fuel filter suppressor is a type of “do it yourself” suppressor.

Most people may think that a fuel filter’s only potential is to remove contaminants from engine oil. However, oil filters can be used as an alternate gun suppressor.


Are fuel filter suppressors legal?

No. unregistered fuel filter suppressors are illegal.

In Maryland, a U.S. district judge sentenced Ronnie Candelario to 41 months in prison for pleading guilty to possessing an unregistered fuel filter suppressor.

People can legally purchase Fuel filters, but the downside of these devices is the fact they still require the same paperwork, $200 tax stamp, background checks that standard suppressors require. 


Can you Actually Use a Fuel Filter As a Suppressor?

ic: broken fuel filter suppressor

No. Because Fuel Filter is not designed for firearms. There are three disadvantages:

  1. Can't reduce noise: Machining is terrible, design is just poor for Suppressor applications. Can't reduce noise at all.
  2. Explosion risk: The bullet hits the baffle and the tube explodes
  3. Illegal: It is unwise to pay a tax of $200 for a Fuel Filter valued at $39. Or wait for the alphabet boy to knock on your door without paying tax.

Will ATF Makes Moves Against the Fuel Filter Industry?

YES. ATF has seized a number of illegal businesses, including Solvent Catch selling fuel filters. 

1. diversifiedmachine.us ( Center marked end cap or cup)


 2.solventcatch.com(fuel fliter or monocore solvent trap)



3.hawkinnovativetech.com (Drilled cup)



    In Conclusion

    It is unwise to pay a tax of $200 for a Fuel Filter valued at $39. If you directly use Fuel Filter as a suppressor, it is illegal and dangerous. Stay away from Fuel Filter Suppressor.

    If you insist on choosing something as a suppressor but don't pay the $200 stamp duty. Toilet paper is a better choice than fuel filters. They are equally useless but at least toilet paper is safe.

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    • The comment from Laszlo is both ignorant and incorrect. While yes fuel filters that are already drilled and tapped can lead to you getting into legal trouble (spend the 200.00 and stay legal) home made suppressors aren’t any more or less dangerous than a poorly made cheapo suppressor. The parts are identical and if you don’t believe that then feel free to go look up Griffin Armaments materials for their suppressors all stainless steel tubes and baffles to the same dimension as KM Whispers solvent traps. The you can further verify your tubes mounting by purchasing various alignment rods. Those will verify that your bore is aligned with the holes of the suppressor and baffles. That avoids baffle strikes and end cap strikes.

      The issue is will it be as effective as your manufacture one. Not necessarily, but neither is a 250.00 can as effective.

      At the end of the day doing proper machining, drilling, and aligning. Along with doing the proper legal process a solvent trap or fuel filter can become and effective suppressor.

      Herbert Pfuhl
    • I agree. You might be able use an oil/fuel filter or solvent trap for a suppressor but there is more reasons why not than why to use. For being safe at first, you need to buy the $200 tax stamp anyway and fill out the forms properly and being approved before you can use it. ( I know more folks choose the illegal and dangerous alternative solution for own a suppressor because of the complicated and lengthy process not for spending $200 on the stamp. The win-win situation should be an easier, faster way to register that make hundred times more people willing to pay, and make much more cash for the feds ). At second, cheap solvent traps give you cheap and dangerous results. If they won’t fit the ammo caliber, they wont suppress effectively, if they fit well the can explode. At second, well machined solvent traps made of good material costs as much or more as a low priced, effective real suppressor around $250 so what’s the deal. My solution is now having powerful, silent as a cat and completely legal, no registration needed PCP guns for hush situation. You can buy a suppressed, powerful, medium caliber, full automatic, reliable and accurate PCP rifle at a price of a high end suppressor. I use the noisy fire arms as they are.

      Laszlo Horvath

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