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ar muzzle brake
ar muzzle brake
ar muzzle brake
ar muzzle brake
ar muzzle brake
ar muzzle brake

AR-15 SPIRAL Muzzle Brake | Full Stainless Steel

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If a traditional birdcage flash hider is what you want, KMwhisper-556-CTN significantly reduces muzzle flash with every shot fired and helps reduce muzzle rise for easier target tracking and faster follow-up shots. Its closed tines reduce the chance you'll snag your barrel in environments where there is dense vegetation or other items that might catch an open-tine flash hider.

Available in 1/2x28 tpi for 5.56mm (.223) only

Provides reduction in muzzle compared to a plain muzzle, which helps to conceal the shooter’s location and preserve dark-adapted vision. Aids in the reduction of muzzle rise allowing the shooter to stay on target for faster follow-up shots. Protection Status