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What is the best solvent trap material?

Jun 01,2021 | KyleMatthews

As to materials, there are many many materials a solvent trap can be made from.You're most likely seeking a straightforward numbered checklist of strong metals for solvent trap here, rated from strongest to weakest. However, you're not going to get a solution so quickly.We will analyze from the following dimensions.

7.8 inch titanium solvent trap
Weight: Stainless Steel > Titanium > Aluminum

Aluminum is likewise just about 33% of the weight for Stainless Steel . This is the principal motivation behind why airplanes is produced using Aluminum. Titanium is slightly heavier than aluminum alloy, about 50% of weight.

Cost: Titanium> Stainless Steel > Aluminum

Aluminum is commonly less expensive than tempered steel.The cost of titanium is 5 times that of stainless steel

Functionality: Titanium> Stainless Steel > Aluminum

Aluminum is genuinely delicate and simpler to cut and structure. Because of its protection from wear and scraped area, Stainless can be hard to work with. Hardened steels are more diligently and are particularly harder to frame than aluminum.However, titanium is the most difficult metal to process.

corrosion:Titanium> Stainless Steel > Aluminum

Titanium is not as strong as people like to think it is. Titanium is valued for several advantages it has over steel (and also aluminium) but strength is not one of them. Its resistance to corrosion from the air (since it forms an oxide layer that stops the oxidation from going any further) and from acids (i.e. its not very reactive). 



Stay away from aluminum, unless weight is a huge factor.

Stainless steel
Stainless steel, is fantastic. Corrosion resistant, strong, inexpensive. But, heavy.

Titanium, very strong, very lightweight, harder to machine and paint, increasing cost.And remember, this weight is being attached to your gun all the way at the end. This is the worst possible place to add weight to your gun, so the lighter your suppressor is, the better.

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