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what is a solvent trap booster?

Jun 28,2021 | KyleMatthews

The very short gun tends to have those “booster” type muzzle devices because there just isn’t enough dwell time after the bullet passes the gas port.

solvent trap booster

Or, to rephrase slightly, the amount of time between the bullet passing the gas-tapping hole to the piston that operates the action, and the bullet exiting the muzzle, is so short that the piston doesn’t get enough pressure to actually start moving. The booster simply helps keep the gas pressure in the barrel that tiny fraction longer, enough to fully pressurize the piston and get the bolt carrier moving with sufficient energy to actuate the whole system.

ic: Source:wikiwand.com

It tends to not so much increase felt recoil (though short barrels are already less optimal in that aspect) as much as it accelerates the working parts’ movement, ideally up to full function when they wouldn’t get there otherwise.

Most plstols with a browning type action (Glock, Sig Sauer, HK, etc.) will require this booster to allow your firearm to rack properly and proceed with bore cleaning processes. Glock Guide Rods tend to hit the bottom of solvent traps which blocks the slide from opening, this Booster solves this problem.the booster assembly allows plstols to properly cycle when the weight of a suppressor is added to the end of the barrel.

Weight 3.8oz

Solvent Trap Booster assembly includes a piston

For Booster lockout you must read the disclaimer before purchase (below).

Booster threads are 1-3/16 x 24.

For use with centerfire plstol ammo on semi-auto handguns only. NO rimfire ammo in this device. It will cause baffle strikes and sluggish operations.