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5 Things You Need To Know About Solvent Trap 2022

what is a solvent trap?

solvent traps are designed to be threaded onto the end of a barrel, solvent traps are used to catch oils and solvents while you clean barrel. While the end caps of these kits are threaded in 1/2×28 or other common pitches, the end caps and cups are not being drilled as they would be in a suppressor.

Is solvent trap legal?

A firearm solvent trap in itself is not illegal to own, however you need to be cautious in what you do with an item like that. Solvent traps are used, or promoted to be used to make your own suppressors for firearms. Federally it is not illegal to own or make a suppressor, however your local laws may make it illegal to own one. There are two things that are very much illegal:

  • Owning a suppressor that is not registered and with an NFA tax stamp. There are processes and forms you must deal with the ATF and get approval to make / own a suppressor legally.


  • Intent to manufacture…. this can be a sticky area, if you own a solvent trap and use it to trap solvent then you are doing nothing wrong, however if you own it and even intend to make a suppressor out of it (even if that intent would be for after the breakdown of society with no more law and order) you are violating the law. Simply owning the solvent trap plus other parts that you would use to make a suppressor, even if not finally machined or assembled would violate this law. To that extent owning the solvent trap and having the directions printed out with it to make a suppressor (or these days your google history showing you were reading how to do it) could be considered intent and you would be violating the law.So not illegal to own on its own as a solvent trap, but you can easily be on thin ice owning one if you are even reading the wrong articles online…..

Is Monocore solvent trap legal?

It depends on whether the single core baffle is completely drilled. There will be three situations.

Legal: End cap without drilling, baffle without drilling. 

Risky: Drilled end caps, partially drilled baffles. 

There is no drilling on one end of the single core

Part Drilled Monocore Solvent Trap

Illegal: Drilled end cap, completely drilled baffle.

Fully drilled. You can find many similar products on Aliexpress, most of them are from China

Drilled Monocore Solvent Trap

    How to register solvent trap into suppressor?

    Under Federal law (National Firearms Act 1934) a suppressor is a firearm. A firearm must have a serial number that is stamped into it. If you are making a suppressor, you would apply to the BATF for a serial number when you are sekking permission to build a suppressor. When they issue you a serial number, you have that stamped on the suppressor.

    What is a form 1 kit?

    dress on the apIt is the materials needed to construct your own suppressor. These are not suppressor parts, they are pre-machined (unfinished) components that allow you to build your own suppressor at home. All kits and some components will require an approved Form 1 before product can be shipped. All kits will be laser marked with NFA engravings matching the approved Form 1 and kits only ship to the adproved Form 1.

    Which solvent trap material should I choose?

        • Stainless steel & &7000-series aluminum: they work well for making your own tubes, baffles, and end caps.
        • 4000-series carbon steel: it provides an affordable alternative. Steel is heavy, so many builders combine these two alloys.
        • titanium: If you pursue the ultimate and have professional drilling equipment, titanium is your best choice


    The products that are sold on kmwhisper.com are cleaning and safety devices and are NOT intended for any other use. As a solvent trap owner, you are solely responsible for what you do with your solvent trap. If you do decide to make any modifications that re-purpose the solvent trap into anything other than a cleaning, storage, & safety device, it is a strong recommendation you read and follow federal, state and local laws.



      • That was the most Awesome explanation I have ever read. Thank you Mr. 1776
        You are my Hero!!

        Hank Wesley
      • Local laws dont matter. Fuck your gun laws and fuck anyone enforcing them

        “Shall not be infringed on”.
        Gun laws are an “infringement”
        definition: the action of limiting or undermining something. “Limiting” who can have a firearm and where,when by directly “undermining” the 2nd amendment.

        1st part “a well regulated Militia” a Militia was described as “able bodied men willing and able to take up arms if they should need to in order to secure and maintain a free state”.

        The 2nd amendment was put in place to prevent (government) over reach from (infringing) on our (rights).
        This means police,military or reserves do NOT classify as “militia” as some argue becuase they are a “government” entity.
        Time for case law.
        Miranda v arizona “where rights secured by the constitution are involved, there can be no ruling or legislation which would abrogate them”.

        South carolina v united states " the constitution is a written instrument,as such its meaning does not alter. That which it ment when it was adopted,it means now".

        Marbury v madison “a citizen can refuse to follow a law that violates right that are constitutionally protected”.

        Nysrpa v bruen 2022 " the right to keep and bear arms includes bearing arms for personal protection ourside of the home, current and future laws would be required to meet historical tradition"

        Mcdonald v city of chicago 2010 “the 2nd amendment is fundamental for self defense and applies to the states under the equal protection clause of the 14th amendment”

        District of Columbia v Heller “The right to keep and bear arms is infact an individual right, and no active militia participation is necessary to excercise that right.”

        If you are pro 2nd amendment you are pro 2nd amendment  for everyone.
        if you are not then you are not pro 2nd amendment, you’re pro 2nd amendment to those you approve of.
        All these gun laws violate the constitution period and people need to stand up to this.
        Absolutely every person in the United states has an equal right to keep and bear arms.
        It does not matter what some state law says or city law says it does not matter your background.
        your are a “person” and a “citizen.”
        All state and city laws are bound by the constitution and if they are not they do not have to be followed as they are tyranical in nature.
        Every single gun law lon the books is illegal. Nics background check is illegal,switch bans,magazine bans,bumpstock bans,assault weapons bans are all illegal.
        Every gun law back to 1934 legally has to go.

        1939 miller v. united states military and militia style weapons are protected under the 2nd amendment

        Mr 1776

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