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Fuel Filter Suppressor? Read Before You Make A Suppressor Out Of a Fuel Filter

I would prefer to say the conclusion first: It is unwise to pay a tax of $200 for a Fuel Filter valued at $39.

Suppressors are over-priced, And you must wait 12 to 18 months before the ATF is approved. With an e-filed ATF Form 1 taking only three to five weeks for approval these days, as compared to about nine months for a Form 4, interest in building your own Suppressor has increased dramatically. Gun owners have learned ways to make DIY Suppressors with anything that might work. Such as can, Fuel Filter, flashlights, solvent trap.

what is a fuel filter suppressor?

The fuel filter suppressor is a type of “do it yourself” suppressor. Most people may think that a fuel filter’s only potential is to remove contaminants from engine oil, transmission oil, lubricating oil, or hydraulic oil. However, solvent trap and oil filters can be used as an alternate gun suppressors.
The good news is that it is cheaper than the actual suppressor and people can do it by themselves at home. It’s possible to spend $55 around for a fuel filter suppressor compared to a standard suppressor for about $600. Also, you will need to pay the extra $200 tax stamp if you want to be legal.
Fuel Filter Suppressor

Are fuel filter suppressors legal?

Yes. But unregistered fuel filter suppressors are illegal.
People can legally purchase Fuel filters, but the downside of these devices is the fact they still require the same paperwork, $200 tax stamp, background checks that standard suppressors require.
In Maryland, a U.S. district judge sentenced Ronnie Candelario to 41 months in prison for pleading guilty to possessing an unregistered fuel filter suppressor.

How to make a suppressor out of a fuel filter?


1.Glue smaller bushing into Insert bushing into coupling larger bushing and tighten band clamp.
2.Make four slits in coupling.
3.Fit adapter onto the bottom of the oil filter and install on a weapon.


1.Wrap oil filter with enough layers of tape to ensure a tight fit in a cardboard tube. 2.Friction fit oil filter into a cardboard tube.
3.Install on the weapon.

Can you Actually Use a Fuel Filter As a Suppressor?

No. Because Fuel Filter is not designed for firearms. Machining is terrible, design is just poor for Suppressor applications. It is unwise to pay a tax of $200 for a Fuel Filter valued at $39.


Solvent Trap VS Fuel Filter Suppressor

Material: solvent trap> Fuel Filter

The solvent trap is made of stainless steel and titanium. The Fuel Filter is made of aluminum.

Machining: solvent trap> Fuel Filter

The solvent trap is designed for firearms which tolerances are more accurate fuel Filter is designed for cars

Legal: solvent trap> Fuel Filter

The ATF has classified solvent traps as “firearm accessories.” That means it is not a controlled item under any federal gun law. But a solvent trap with drilled cups may be considered a silencer and you will be in big trouble.


6.5 Inch Monocore Solvent Trap


The solvent trap that are sold on are cleaning and safety devices and are NOT intended for any other use. As a solvent trap owner, you are solely responsible for what you do with your solvent trap. If you do decide to make any modifications that re-purpose the solvent trap into anything other than a cleaning, storage, & safety device, it is a strong recommendation you read and follow federal, state and local laws.

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