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Aluminum vs Titanium Solvent Trap

When it comes to modular solvent trap, are you curious about which material you should choose? Titanium or aluminum? We will analyze from the following dimensions.

COST: Titanum > Aluminum

The cost of titanium is 5~10 times that of Aluminum. its MUCH harder to machine, much harder to forge, or to heat treat. It has more susceptibility to hydrogen embrittlement. The global supply is unreliable, meaning prices are not stable, It CAN catch fire, and if it did you would very likely not be able to put it out.

WEIGHT: Titanum > Aluminum

While aluminum has a density 2.7 times that of water, titanium has a density of 4.5. This weight is being attached to your gun all the way at the end. This is the worst possible place to add weight to your gun, so the lighter your suppressor is, the better.

Corrosion Resistant: Titanum > Aluminum

Titanium is much more corrosion resistant than aluminum. The reason for titanium's excellent corrosion resistance is that its oxide is extremely difficult to dissolve and strongly bonded to the metal surface, and so the TiO2 layer is highly protective.Aluminum oxide is also protective under normal conditions, but it will dissolve under both strongly acidic and strongly alkaline conditions, and is susceptible to attack by chloride ions.

Hardness: Titanum > Aluminum

Titanium is significantly stronger than aluminium although its higher density means that strength-to-weight ratios for the two metals tend to be similar. It is often the first port of call for engineers looking to replace steel in a lightweighting exercise for stressed components.



Aluminum, Very light and cheap, Stay away from aluminum, unless weight is a huge factor.

Titanium, very strong, very lightweight, harder to machine and paint, increasing cost.

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  • I’m interested in building a suppressor for my Winchester in 350 legend. Please advise me on which titanium trap I should use and what baffle design and hole size is correct for this project.

  • If you purchase a solvent trap from you can you get a significant amount of baffle inserts. so you can have a set of baffle inserts for each caliber?


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